Lisa Ann Watkins

Graduating in design back in the early nineties it took me nearly 20 years to rekindle my creative by picking up a pencil again & putting it to paper… That was back in late 2012 & nowadays there is no stopping me!

I now combine my passion for creating art with my love for animals. I use my art to raise awareness & funds for animal conservation groups & charities across the globe. In early 2013 I became an Invited Artist Partner to the Snow Leopard Trust & I also won 2 small colored pencil competitions. My work was featured in July ’13 in Colored Pencil Student magazine.

2014 sees me stepping up a gear with the launch of my first solo exhibition in May. This has seen me working with 8 of the world’s top bear rescue organisations including Animals Asia & Wildlife SOS. I will also be exhibiting at Nature in Art through TWASI & begin to run small workshops in my local area.

I mainly work on pet portrait commissions but when I get time I love to work on creating wildlife artwork.

Commission work can be carried out in various mediums & sizes to suit the clients requirements. I always work with a client, finding out about the subject, advising on the best medium to represent the most lifelike representation. Above all, in all of the work that I undertake, I aim to capture my subject’s character.

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